Access and Connection

The Pilbara ISO’s access and connection functions are outlined in subchapter 9.2 of the Rules and further described in the Interim Access and Connection Procedure.

Throughout the access and connection process, the Pilbara ISO’s primary relationship is with the registered NSP. Further information on the access and connection processes of the two covered NSPs on the NWIS can be found at:

The registered NSP performs a central role, liaising with both the access seeker and the Pilbara ISO. The registered NSP is responsible for the connection standards whilst the Pilbara ISO is responsible for supervising these standards.

The Interim Access and Connection Procedure outlines:

NWIS Modelling Procedure

Registered NSPs are required to develop and maintain their network model in accordance with the Interim Power System Modelling Procedure. The Pilbara ISOCo is required to use the network models to develop and maintain the NWIS Full Power System Model, capable of supporting the Pilbara ISOCo performing its functions under the Pilbara Network Rules.

Subject to obtaining the necessary consents, the Pilbara ISOCo will provide the NWIS Reduced Order Power System Model to facilitate access and connection studies, see Guide to Confidentiality – Access and Connection, Model Request Form and NWIS Reduced Order Power System Model User Guide.