Essential System Services Procurement

The Pilbara ISOCo is required to procure frequency control and spinning reserve services (Essential System Services or ESS) to enable its control desk to maintain the power system within the prescribed technical envelope and, should this cease being the case, return it to a secure state as soon as practicable.

The Interim Essential System Services Procedure documents the Pilbara ISOCo’s function of convening and consulting with an Essential System Services technical group as well as its roles and responsibilities.

Energy Balancing and Settlement

The Rules require generation and consumption to remain in balance on covered networks. Practically, this is not always possible and, therefore, the Pilbara ISOCo has implemented an energy balancing and settlement regime to allocate the cost of Essential System Services and address energy imbalances.

See the Interim Energy Balancing and Settlement Procedure.

The Energy Balancing and Settlement Variables, including the Administered Price, Administered Penalty Price and Tolerance Margin, are set according to the Rules and methodology outlined in the Procedure.

The following templates are to be used when submitting information outlined in the Procedure: