The objective of registering certain rules participants is to facilitate the ISO’s and registered NSPs’ performance of their functions under the Rules.

See the Interim Registration and Standing Data Procedure for detailed requirements of which rules participants need to register and what information must be provided to the ISO. Please submit information via The Registration Form and Standing Data Form are to be used when submitting information under this Procedure.

The table below provides a brief summary of which rules participants are required to register

Registration classTypes of Rules ParticipantsRegistration requirementsRules reference
N1NSPs of covered networks.MandatoryRule 91(1)(a)
N2NSPs of non-covered networks that are not excluded networks.MandatoryRule 91(1)(b)
C1Controllers of generation facilities on covered networks, excluding generation facilities below 10 MW.MandatoryRule 91(2)(a)
C2Controllers of large consumer facilities which are supplied by excluded networks, excluding consumer facilities below 10 MW.MandatoryRule 91(2)(b)
C3Controllers of facilities on non-covered NWIS networks which are, or are proposed to be, contracted to provide essential system services (ESS) to covered networks.MandatoryRule 91(2)(c)
C4Controllers of any other facilities on covered NWIS networks, if the ISO has determined under rule 93 that the facilities should be registered facilities.As directed by ISORule 91(2)(d), 93(1)
C5Controller of a CPC facility.MandatoryRule 91(2)(e)

The Rules require the ISO to publish a list of Registered NSPs, Registered Controllers and Registered Facilities. See Registration List.