In accordance with Subchapter 4.5 of the Pilbara Networks Rules (Rules) and the Interim Budget and Cost Management Procedure, the ISO sets its budget annually and may make mid-year budget adjustments if required.

The ISO published its draft mid-year budget review on its website from 15 December 2023 to 5 January 2024, to enable consultation in accordance with the standard stakeholder process outlined in Appendix 1 of the Rules. 

The ISO received two submissions to its draft mid-year budget review, from APA and Horizon Power. The ISO considered the issues raised in the submissions in developing its final mid-year revised budget, and has provided a response to each of the stakeholder submissions.

The ISO has published the Final Pilbara ISOCo Mid-year Revised Budget 2023-24. This document outlines the spending changes from the 2023-24 Pilbara ISOCo approved budget. These spending changes are necessary to support the continued development and implementation of services across the ISO’s functions following commencement of the Rules from 1 July 2023.  

The consultation process is as follows:

Event Date Comments
Publish Invitation for Submissions15 December 2023Rule A1.4(b) – the decision maker must publish and invitation for submissions on the proposal.
Public Submission PeriodCompleted
15 December 2023 – 5 January 2024
Rule A1.4(b)(iv) – the end of the submission period must be at least 10 business days from the publication of the invitation for submissions.
Consideration of SubmissionsCompleted
Final Decision Published23 January 2024Rule A1.4(e)(ii) – the final decision must be published within:
(A) Where a draft decision has been made, within 30 business days after the due date for submissions; or
(B) Otherwise within 2 months after the due date for first round public submissions.

Documents related to this proposal:

Final Pilbara ISOCo Mid-year Revised Budget 2023-24

Notice: Extension of Deadline

Draft Pilbara ISOCo Mid-year Budget Review 2023-24

Notice of Invitation for Submissions

Submissions received:

ISO Response to Horizon Power

ISO Response to APA

Horizon Power